1. Piping
    Water lines in Copper or Pex Gas lines in black pipe or Gastight flexible piping! PVC or Cast Iron or even galvanized piping ABS piping
  2. Drain & Sewer Lines
    We clear small and large drain lines and if necessary we can Video your sewer to the street! We can cut out defective piping and replace with new!
  3. Leak Repair
    We specialize in repairing all kinds of leaks! Water lines frozen pipes! Tub and shower leaks! Running toilet leaks!
  4. Toilets
    Water saving toilets or pressure assisted toilets Flushometer commercial toilets Sensor type toilets
  5. Sinks
    If you like a certain brand or style of any fixture, you can buy it and we will install it or we can get it for you! Bathroom sink or kitchen sink
  6. Irrigation
    Are your hose bibs leaking or frozen? Anti-frost hose bibs might be good for you! We can replace Vacuum breakers on lawn systems